Dane Wigington’s Victory

Over GeoEngineering

There have been a number of major accomplishments made in the battle against ChemTrails. Tennessee, Kentucky and a number of other officials have had enough with the chemicals being sprayed above them and their loved ones’ heads. Many people have been in the fight for years, without results. Tennessee, Kentucky and others just created THE GAME CHANGER. More states must follow, and in a trending fashion.

I give a big shout out to Dane Wigington over at GeoEngineeringWatch.Org.  Dane has been a leading researcher of the GeoEngineering operations.

Near the end of the House Hearing Clip (clip #1) a gentleman will grab his microphone and state that he will not be giving his vote because from his research, with the Mainstream Media, it’s all conspiracy. When I saw that, I felt ashamed that he would do that to his own people, let alone anyone else. I say this because I am black and I have been preaching to blacks, whites, and everything in between, for the past twenty years.

In my opinion, this guy was paid to say what he said. It was how he said it that makes me feel that he was motivated for some reason, as if there were a higher authority. As an Investigator, you pick up on these things. Again, this is only my opinion. The guy could be being sincere, but I doubt it.

In addition to this Tennessee House Hearing video you are encourage to visit TIO.today, scroll down and check out Dane’s 13 Points Of Interest. This gives you an idea of what he is talking about in thirteen very very very short clips, which are excerpts from his work.

After checking out the Tennessee Hearing come back and click on the following link to check out

Kentucky's Status w/House Bill 506