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You CAN Grow Food

How To Start Gardening



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Gardening For Life

Growing vegetables, fruits and flowers can be a rewarding experience and can be done easily and on a budget. The cost of food has skyrocketed!  Growing your own food will reduce your grocery bill.  You can grow food on your deck, patio, balcony, in raised beds or in the ground.

Vegetables, fruits and flowers can be grown in many types of containers such as pots, bags, totes, as well as in various types of raised beds. Plants can be started from seeds indoors and outdoors, The following pages will include the following topics to help you get started.

In addition to the gardening information provided here on this page, you will be presented with two other sources. These sources can and should be utilized in conjunction with the other sources derived from this web page.
While Dr. Elaine Ingham’s “Soil Food Web School” teaches us how to restore soils (turn dirt into soil) without the utilization of fertilizers, Survivalist Marjory Wildcraft educates us on gardening from A to Z with “The Grow Network.”



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