20210512WED MAK UPDATE Finalization & ~iamken REPORT Debut

Due to the fact that the MAK ( Men Across Kentucky ) UPDATE

receives more views by Non-Kentuckians than Kentuckians,

the decision was made to change the name of this update to the ~iamken REPORT.
In this way, all Americans will be included. MAK, you will continue leading the way.
I encourage you to go over to Brighteon.com and locate me.
I am the ThirteenthWarrior @ The Warrior Channel. 
In the search box place MAK UPDATE.

When several pages are presented,

click on The Warrior Channel of any one of them, and that will get you in.

Within the coming days, I will switch the URL to recognize ~iamken REPORT.

​​Men Across Kentucky

~iamken REPORT